ERGONOMICS Jun21st 2020

By Rose City Physical Therapy

Working from home and your computer set-up is the pits?

Pain with working from your home computer set-up?

Get answers to the 5 most common questions about workstation set-up.

Download our FREE Computer Workstation Ergonomic Infographic and Checklist

This unprecedented time during the COVID-19 pandemic has many of you working from home…at the coffee table, the dining table, or the kitchen breakfast counter. And your ergonomics set up isn’t that which it is at work. Thank you to those who replied to our recent email survey asking about any challenges and pain with working from home. Many of you replied. And there’s an overwhelming “Yes…I hurt”.

Don’t let this get the best of you. A few adjustments go a long way in protecting you and minimizing strain and preventing repetitive use injury, posture-related problems, eye strain, and headache. Many companies are offering support and reimbursement of expenses to get your home computer workstation set up safely. And if your pain is escalating and reducing work productivity, speak to your employer and let them know. This is a recordable incident and one which your employer’s workman’s compensation insurance should cover to get the help you need. 

We put together a complimentary PDF handout on seated and standing ergonomic tips and a checklist for you. Click the below link to download the FREE checklist now.

Download Workstation Ergonomic Checklist

Our physical therapists are well versed in treating repetitive strain injury and postural related problems from inadequate computer workstation ergonomics. Call us at 503.228.1306 or request an appointment and let us help manage your pain and get you back to feeling good and being safe and productive.