Eleanor Fulton

Dec29th 2020

I’ve had numerous running injuries, from stress fractures to tendon tears, and Rose City Physical Therapy is always my first call. I’ve been constantly impressed and reassured throughout the process that Rose City PT understands my usual training intensity, and knows exactly what the best practices are for diagnosing, treating and returning to running in a timely fashion. Being sidelined by injury is inherently stressful, but Rose City PT makes it less so. I always know that I’m in great hands and highly recommend it to anyone.

jacqueline-wiles-testimonial-rose-city Dec15th 2020

Jacqueline Wiles

As a professional athlete, I believe it’s essential to have the best (physical ) therapist with a solid plan to return to sports. I have worked with many over the years, and I’m so glad to have found such a terrific physical therapist in Portland. My therapist is knowledgeable in all areas of rehab and genuinely cares. Rose City Physical Therapy is definitely the place to be!

Daniel M.

Oct13th 2020

These people are great to work with! They have helped my foot so much. Fun, relaxed, and knowledgable staff plus the super cool building make for a really good experience.

Justin C.

Oct13th 2020

The best trained, most up to date, attention to detail, focus on excellence, are good ways to describe the team at Rose City PT.

Margaret K.

Oct13th 2020

I'm a cyclist, mountain scrambler, and sometime runner and I had a lot of knee problems in the past. Karl got me back into running and, what's really amazing, led me through exercises and ways of assessing my own strength and posture and motion so that I can keep my knees happy.

Andrew B.

Oct13th 2020

I have been a professional runner for the last 6 years and have been very fortunate to have been working with Karl for the last two and a half. Karl has helped me come back from a couple of injuries as well as successfully rehabbing me after having surgery last year. Karl is knowledgeable, energetic, and a great listener.

Lynne M.

Oct13th 2020

I have been treated twice by Karl Kolbeck and can attest to his knowledge and care. He got both my shoulders back in great shape. He listens to concerns and got me moving again very expediently.

Peter R.

Oct13th 2020

I've been a physician in PDX for over 20 years and needed PT for the first time to rehab following a joint replacement. Sasha had taken care of many of my patients, so I enlisted her to help me thru my recovery. She is knowledgeable, professional, caring and made working thru rehab positive and rewarding.

Tara Welling

Oct13th 2020

I have been to Rose City PT for a major injury (hamstring tear) and also a minor nerve impingement. Both times I feel that I have received the very best care and have always left the office feeling better than upon arrival.