Category: Foot/Ankle

Eleanor Fulton

Dec29th 2020

I’ve had numerous running injuries, from stress fractures to tendon tears, and Rose City Physical Therapy is always my first call. I’ve been constantly impressed and reassured throughout the process that Rose City PT understands my usual training intensity, and knows exactly what the best practices are for diagnosing, treating and returning to running in a timely fashion. Being sidelined by injury is inherently stressful, but Rose City PT makes it less so. I always know that I’m in great hands and highly recommend it to anyone.

Daniel M.

Oct13th 2020

These people are great to work with! They have helped my foot so much. Fun, relaxed, and knowledgable staff plus the super cool building make for a really good experience.

Jack-kisseberth-rose-city-physical-therapy Oct13th 2020

Jack Kisseberth

I came into Rose City PT with an achilles injury from cycling that was so severe that it was painful to walk. Karl Kolbeck worked with me almost every day, often staying late to fit my schedule, and within a week I was back to training. Over the course of a month he not only helped me fully recover from the achilles injury, but also worked out a serious hamstring strain.

Gail S.

Oct12th 2020

When I started PT, I could barely use my foot and now it’s 90 percent better. This is an excellent practice with a therapy gym that appears fully equipped. I can highly recommend Rose City Physical Therapy.

Julia M.

Oct12th 2020

Best PT experience I've had. Karl's knowledge of runner physiology and when to push my body a bit and when to pull back is impressive.

Sonja E.

Oct12th 2020

I am a recreational runner and had developed shin pain below my knee. Went in to RCPT and was assessed thoroughly and knowledgeably. After only two appointments and following the assigned exercises to strengthen and heal, I’m happy to report my pain has gone and I’m back to running like never before!