Orthopedic & Sports Injury Rehab Portland, OR

Sports Specific Rehab

There are a variety of different sports injuries that we help. A sports injury refers to problems with the musculoskeletal system – muscles and tendons, bones, joints and the tissues surrounding joints – the capsule and ligaments. Our physical therapists specialize in orthopedic and sports injury physical therapy and work closely with athletes to help them recover, improve function and performance, achieve their goals, and get back in the game.

Areas in the body where we commonly see orthopedic and sports injury conditions that we treat include:

  • Neck and low back pain and injury
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand problems
  • Hip, knee, ankle and foot problems
  • Bone injuries: stress reactions, stress fractures and traumatic fracture rehab
  • Concussion Management and Post-Concussion Rehabilitation

Sports injuries can occur for a number of reasons: traumatic or overuse injury, poor posture or body mechanics during training or competition, weakness or imbalances of certain muscle groups, training errors including bad form, over exertion and training when fatigued, or increasing load, volume or intensity of training too soon.

Our physical therapy specialists are movement experts who can also help you minimize risk of injuries and enhance your biomechanics and technique in your sport. A few of the biggest benefits of working with a physical therapist include:

  • Developing healthy habits. In addition to a physical therapist helping you reach physical goals, they can also help you work on general wellness goals. For example, regular exercise, a healthy diet, and a strong focus on hydration are fundamental in improving your physical fitness level. Our physical therapists are a great resource to have when focusing on increasing strength and muscular functionality, as they can help you improve in all aspects of health and wellness.
  • Refocusing strengths. Our physical therapists can help you improve your strength in areas that you may not have considered. Many parts of the body influence each other, and strengthening one can help with the function of another. Rather than jumping directly into a new type of activity, it makes sense to train your body to react to the new stimulation by improving your muscular strength.
  • Overcoming injuries. Strength and conditioning programs are some of the best ways to overcome an injury and find relief for your pain. Each treatment is designed specifically to your needs and the condition of your injury, consisting of exercises and strength-building activities that are unique to your recovery.
  • Correcting movement. A big one! The demands on an athlete to perform at a high level are enormous. Small errors in form or technique can lead to injury and inability to compete. And if there is tightness or limited motion in areas of the body, or subtle weakness, predisposition to injury increases. Our sports physical therapists will evaluate you to seek out these problem areas and provide the right mix of manual therapy, corrective exercise and functional activity to optimize your recovery.
  • Injury Screening and ACL Injury Reduction programs. 
    • Injury Screening program: At Rose City Physical Therapy we can offer FREE screenings to local athletes who are dealing with even a little niggle or ache and not wanting it to get out of hand, or one who got injured during practice or game day and is now out of action.

During this screening a history of your problem will be discussed and how it’s affecting your sport, and a flexibility, mobility, strength and stability screen will be completed. Any deficits that are found will be discussed and our physical therapist will share with you what a successful plan of care would consist of to get you back on track.

  • Injury Reduction program: There is sound evidence that sports injuries can be reduced with a proper pre-season injury reduction program. Rose City Physical Therapy is a SportsMetrics™ certified clinic and offers their comprehensive ACL Injury Reduction program that is highly evidence based.

How can I get started?

Have you recently sustained a sports-related injury? Are you in need of sports physical therapy to get you back to your sport? Are you trying to condition for a specific event? If so, you are a prime candidate for our orthopedic & sports injury rehab program at Rose City Physical Therapy.

If you are dealing with a sport related injury and think you could benefit from sports physical therapy at Rose City Physical Therapy, request an appointment with us today in Portland, OR!

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