“I put my knee to the full test over the past five days. We’ve been road tripping to Grand Targhee, Powder Mountain, Snowbasin, and Snowbird. Each day we’ve skied four to five hours nonstop on really technical terrain in all types of conditions. My knee has felt great everyday all day. No swelling, no pain, nothing, just solid. I’m skiing so well that I can hardly believe it. I’m carrying more speed than ever. We were skiing tight trees the other day and I was just dancing through them. All the conditioning drills you provided have been amazing. My stamina is so good right now. I ski all day, feel great in the evening, wake up with no soreness or tired muscles. You and Dr. Weintraub have changed my life. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I felt very supported through every step of my recovery. I enjoyed my time here and it made my recovery as painless and quick as possible.”

“Thank you all for the incredible care and guidance you provide to us as we pursue our athletic dreams. Our health is of ultimate importance to our racing and training and we thank you for helping us maintain it.”

“Medical offices are often advised to ‘hire sunshine’, and Victor really fits this description. As a nurse practitioner with over 30 years in health care, I can spot an excellent provider and Victor is a star. Thanks for an excellent experience.”

“I’m writing to praise the excellent physical therapy work which Leo did over two periods; the first after hip replacement surgery in and most recently for knee replacement surgery. He was always sensitive to my pace of healing and then doing what was appropriate to move it along. Patients can develop bad habits and he was quick to see them and apply corrective exercise. He was also quick to see what needed special exercises and special work which is often particular to that patient. Last, I wish to praise his care…he was sensitive and I found his advice – both the cautionary and encouraging – on the mark.”

“Thank you all for your skill, your patience, your good humor and especially for your help in getting my knee to work at last!”

“I’ve had PT in the past. Sasha is amazing – such a blessing to me! I feel so fortunate to be able to do things and activities again. I do hope she can mentor future physical therapist.”

“Very professional and supportive staff.”

“Leo is a top-notch therapist…clear, concise information extended with good humor and empathy.”

“From first contact on phone to final discharge I felt the welcome embrace of wellness.”

“Rose City PT is the best! Everyone is so nice and professional.”

“This is an excellent clinic from the pleasant environment to the front desk and the excellent physical therapists. Thank you!”

“The best of the best work here.”

“I think this facility is awesome. I’ve seen several PT’s here and all are great.”

“Very professional. Very honest. Took the time to explain how my shoulder works and what might be going on. Used laymen terms so he was very easy to understand.”

“I’ve worked with dozens of therapists over the years during my career and those of my athletes, and can gladly say Karl is among the best we’ve seen.  He’s helped a number of our athletes return to training quickly, and his passion for his profession makes him a pleasure to work with.”

“Training for the Boston Marathon this winter, I experienced severe back pain that stopped me in my tracks.  I specifically sought out Karl’s expertise among the myriad of options in Portland. Karl’s integrated approach and mastery of treatment techniques is first class.  He expertly diagnosed and treated the root of the problem, enabling a quick return to my training.  Karl demonstrates a unique combination of brilliance and humor that makes our therapy sessions fun, engaging, and highly effective. No doubt about it, Karl is at the top of our profession.”

“Excellent in every respect!”

“Leo was fantastic – he was very sensitive and encouraging – as well as being a very nice man!”

“Karl Kolbeck has been working with me for roughly two weeks only, and the increase in my range of motion and strength in my right shoulder is night and day. Before working with Karl my shoulder would limit me doing not only every day activities but also professional playing football – my job. I have been told surgery is possible and sitting the season out, but with the help of Karl I’m able to continue my journey and play the sport I love while also continuing my career. This experience has been the motivation I needed to get back on the field.”

“Sasha made a great effort to make me understand my medical condition and gave me lots of hints to avoid the wrong movements in my daily life. Thank you so much Sasha.”

“Sasha was great. Made sure I was ready to go back to work before letting me go back and great communication with my surgeon.”

“I had the good fortune to meet Karl following hip replacement surgery and worked with him at Pettygrove Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation on post-op physical therapy for my hip (replacement) and more recently for shoulder issues. Karl is very nice, understanding, knowledgeable, informative, and effective. I enthusiastically recommend him without reservation.”

“Before I went to Karl for help, I saw 6 other medical providers, including another physical therapist. No one was able to provide relief of my constant nerve pain. The difference was that Karl combined his knowledge and skill with active listening to the history of my pain and its patterns since onset. I had hope after the first visit which was followed soon after by complete pain resolution and then full function.”

“This was the best PT experience I’ve ever had. Sasha is great and absolutely an expert at what she does.”

“Sasha was very good at listening and demonstrating caring.”

“I’ve had a lot of PT elsewhere. Sasha is exceptional – Professional and compassionate. I know that because of Sasha I will be able to live richly and fully; doing what I love to do. Thank you for your thoughtful care.”

“I injured my neck and left shoulder in a car accident and after months of treatment I decided to live with the pain. I’m a physical therapist myself so had a regimen of exercises I did routinely. When I visited Karl for the first time my injury was 7 years old and I had chronic limitations in my neck motion. Karl was able to figure out exactly where I was restricted and treated my neck and upper back with manual therapy and gave me a follow-up exercise to reinforce the gains we had made. I had immediate improvement in my pain levels (almost no pain afterwards) and a significant increase in my range of motion. I live in Seattle so I followed up with him 6 months later and again had great results. Karl took great care in treating my neck and helped treat a problem I thought I would always have. He has an incredible wealth of experience and as a fellow physical therapist I give Karl the highest recommendation.”