Gloria G.

Oct12th 2020

I finished my treatment course at Rose City PT on Nov 8 2017 and have had 2 months without sessions. I went in hoping to get a little more flexibility and stretching techniques, and left with what appears to be a stable, life-changing improvement. I couldn’t open a jar or twist a doorknob when I started, and now not only is neither a problem, but my daily pain/discomfort level has dropped from constant ache to basically nothing. I have a battery of strengthening exercises and stretches I can use when my wrist acts up. The folks at Rose City work with your specific situation to find a long-term solution that really works. While the injuries in my wrist will never heal, I feel like I’ve gotten to where they don’t slow me down – you can’t get a better treatment than that. Kudos to Megan (and Carl) for a job so well done 🙂