Glenn P.

Oct13th 2020

I recently won a 75 minute complimentary runners strength and mobility screening including video gait analysis at Rose City PT. During my visit, Karl took me through a thorough range of motion and strength assessment. We then went to the treadmill where after a warmup he analyzed my running form and gait. Having been a runner nearly all of my 31 years on this earth, I was skeptical going in wondering what someone could tell me about my running form I didn’t already know. Leave it to Karl to surprise even a veteran runner.

I learned that because of my unproportionally tight hips (as demonstrated both in range of motion and gait analysis), one leg’s follow-through was much better than the other. I then learned specific stretches to target that particular area. I realized I had forgotten where exactly my arms should be swinging to prevent over-rotation in my shoulders and therefore hips and legs. I came away with great things to remember and slowly add back into my running form to make me more efficient as well as improve my range of motion.

This place is top notch, professional, and a definite recommendation for any physical therapy needs.