E Baker

Oct12th 2020

I saw Sasha for a year following ACL Reconstructive Surgery. Being an active person, I had goals to return to playing soccer, skiing, climbing, and hiking. Thanks to Sasha’s expertise, warm and encouraging approach, I achieved all of my goals and more. When I had doubts and bumps in the road throughout recovery, Sasha was there to say, “Yes, you can do it!” When asked to jump over a hurdle that looked like Mt. Everest in my eyes and brain, she was there to give me the confidence to try and succeed. She even encouraged me to start running, which I had not done at any distance for MANY years. 6 years and many 5k’s later, I continue to enjoy many sports and always feel ready to tackle the next 5k or mountain in my path. I would highly recommend Rose City PT, especially Sasha, for all of your PT needs.