Sportsmetrics Portland, OR

SportsMetrics™ Certified Clinic

Females experience an ACL injury at the knee 2-8 times more than males. Once an athlete tears an ACL, there is a 33% chance of tearing the opposite ACL. Sportsmetrics™ is the first and largest ACL injury prevention program scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in female athletes by 40-65%. The program was developed by Dr. Frank Noyes and a medical team. Plyometric drills are used to train athletes to preposition the body safely. The selection and progression of exercises are designed for neuromuscular retraining proceeding from simple jumping to multi-directional single leg hopping drills with quick turnover. The program gives the athlete a solid foundation of strength, coordination, conditioning and movement to attain their highest potential in their sport.

Not only does Sportsmetrics™ decrease injury risk, it also has been shown to increase performance.

Take your game to the next level by improving your speed, agility, and vertical jump. Our goal is to keep you in the game and maximize your potential. Video analysis of your jumping and movement aides in analysis to tailor the program to you. Rose City Physical Therapy is a Sportsmetrics™ certified clinic.  

Our program is based on what works!  If you are interested in our Sportsmetrics™ program, contact Rose City Physical Therapy today at Portland, OR.