Sports Specific Programs Portland, OR

Sports Specific Programs

At Rose City Physical Therapy we feel we have some of the most dedicated and advanced trained physical therapists in the Portland, OR metro area who can help you with sport-specific training. Our physical therapists work closely with athletes like you to recover from injury, improve performance, achieve goals, and prevent injuries.

We’ve helped athletes of all ages and levels of skill from a variety of sports. Weekend warriors – check. Competitive high school and collegiate soccer, football, tennis, baseball, swimming and track athletes – check. Team USA Climbing athletes – check. Team USA Skiing including 2x Team USA World Cup and Olympic competitor  – check. Team USA Track with 9 athletes at 2016 RIo Olympics and numerous at multi-year Indoor and Outdoor World Championships – check.

Jacqueline Wiles, USA Women’s Alpine Ski Team
Lisa Chulich, USA Climbing

Working with a physical therapist who understands the unique demands of rehabilitating an athlete is important. It can help you reach your peak performance, whether you’re recovering from an injury or trying to strengthen your skills, or reduce your risk of injury. If you are interested in working with one of our physical therapists for sports injury rehabilitation, or pre-season evaluation and proactive conditioning to decrease injury risk, don’t hesitate to request an appointment today!

Our sports specific programs currently include the following:

  • Overhead athletes: baseball, tennis, swimming, climbing…
  • Running injury
  • Climbing injury: rock climbing and bouldering.
  • Skiing injury
  • ACL injury: conservative and post-surgical rehab, and return to snow programs
  • Collaboration with coaches and trainers

Contact Rose City Physical Therapy today to request your appointment. We’ll help improve your strength so you can perform your sport at your optimum level of physical ability!