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Spine Mobilization & Spine Manipulation Therapy

Are You Looking for Neck or Low Back Pain Relief? Try Spinal Mobilization and Manipulation.

Are you experiencing neck (cervical), mid-back (thoracic) or low back (lumbar) pain? Is your neck or back causing you trouble? Has your pain become unbearable? If so, you may benefit from spinal mobilization or spine manipulation. Spinal manipulation helps relieve pressure in and around joints and restore mobility. It is a hands-on form of manual therapy that focuses on enhancing spinal function through pain reduction and improving motion.

Like other manual therapies, we use spine manipulation at Rose City Physical Therapy as an adjunct treatment to the more important active aspects of rehabilitation, including therapeutic and functional exercises and activity specific exercise.

Your spine is a complex system consisting of the sacrum and tailbone (coccyx), and 24 vertebrae, as well as discs in between each vertebra, and the adjacent facet joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Each is interdependent on the other and the nerves especially, if distrubed due to injury or impingement, can cause severe pain into the upper or lower extremity, or a loss of reflex or strength.

If you are living with spine pain, you know how limiting it can be. Optimal spine health depends on being strong, stretched and stable, which requires the following:

  • Good posture and inherent spinal curves
  • Strong core muscles, which include the pelvic floor, abdominals, diaphragm and low back muscles
  • Strong spinal and gluteus muscles
  • Good flexibility, mobility and balance with side-bending and rotation motions

Our spinal manipulation services can help you get there. If you are in pain, contact Rose City Physical Therapy. We’ll complete a full physical evaluation of your spine to determine if spinal manipulation will be a viable  course of treatment for you.

Spinal manipulation as an effective, safe, and non-invasive treatment

Spinal manipulation is a treatment method that has been known to provide pain relief for a variety of painful conditions. In fact, a study published by the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy supports spinal manipulation as an effective mode of treatment.

The study, titled “Effectiveness of Physical Therapist Administered Spinal Manipulation for the Treatment of Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review of the Literature” analyzed data from multiple peer reviewed medical journals to determine the effectiveness of spinal manipulation on patients experiencing low back pain. Results were overwhelmingly positive for the success of spinal manipulation.

The conclusion is as follows:

“Based on the findings of this systematic review there is evidence to support the use of spinal manipulation by physical therapists in clinical practice. Physical therapy spinal manipulation appears to be a safe intervention that improves clinical outcomes for patients with low back pain.”

Find Relief of Your Neck or Low Back Pain Today with Treatment at Rose City Physical Therapy

At Rose City Physical Therapy, our physical therapists specialize in the conservative treatment of the spine and can help your spine get back to an optimal level of function.

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Spinal manipulation has provided positive outcomes for many of our patients. Our physical therapists can help reduce your pain, restore natural movement to your spine, and improve your spinal mobility. THis will be accompanied by corrective exercises, and education on proper tasks specific posture and ergonomics, and preventative exercises for long term success. If you live in Portland, OR and have been living with pain and you’re looking for relief contact Rose City Physical Therapy today. By treating neck and back pain early with spinal manipulation, we can resolve the issue so it doesn’t progress. Don’t live with the limits of your pain – improve your spine health with us today!