Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy Portland, OR

Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy

Having Orthopedic Surgery? Optimize Your Recovery From Surgery With Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Isn’t Only Helpful After A Surgery… 

If you have orthopedic surgery coming up you likely have a lot of questions about the surgery and recovery after surgery. A physical therapist can be a great resource to help you along the way. It’s normal to have questions, be anxious as the surgery date gets closer, worry about recovery and what the outcome will be.

Research supports that, for some orthopedic surgeries, especially prior to a total knee replacement or ACL reconstruction or rotator cuff surgery having physical therapy before surgery results in better outcomes after surgery – better range of motion, faster return of strength and overall better outcomes. Prehab has its place and more and more surgeons are referring their patients to physical therapy for pre-surgical care.

If you’re interested in learning more about “prehab”, as we like to call it, contact Rose City Physical Therapy in Portland, OR today to speak to one of our orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapy specialists. 

Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation Defined

Pre-surgical rehabilitation, also referred to as “ prehab”, is increasingly being recommended by surgeons as it can improve the outcomes for their patients. Studies have shown that beginning physical therapy one month or so before a surgery can significantly speed up recovery time. And result in better outcomes.

Getting prepared for surgery can leave someone feeling worried, scared, or anxious. A prehab program can help put the mind at ease. A pre-surgical rehabilitation plan helps people become more physically and mentally prepared for your upcoming procedure, optimized strength and motion prior to surgery, and helps in preparing the home for a safe environment, and acquiring fitting and any necessary equipment such as post-op braces, slings, crutches or a walker.

5 Key Benefits of Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

Following are five ways that pre-surgical physical therapy prepares you for surgery and helps your recovery period be more successful:

  1. Less chance of post-surgical complications

Prehab physical therapy treatment, especially those incorporating exercise programs targeting imbalances and weakness patterns, provides faster recovery in fewer visits after surgery to restore range of motion, improve muscle activation and strength and restore function.

  1. Less recovery time

Those who choose to complete a prehab physical therapy program before surgery have a shorter recovery – research supports this. Recovery will also go much smoother than it would without physical therapy before surgery. The more motion and strength one has going into surgery, the better is the overall outcome after surgery!

  1. Increases stamina

Regardless of what kind of operation someone has, a loss of strength after it’s completed will be experienced. However, going through a pre-habilitation program can help reduce the amount of strength that is lost by increasing stamina and activity before the operation. Engaging in a physical routine before surgery will improve overall stamina and make the surgery and recovery much easier.

  1. Might be able to avoid surgery altogether

It may be possible to avoid surgery through prehab treatments with Rose City Physical Therapy, Prehab works well in improving pain and overall condition prior to surgery. Avoiding surgery is not a common case, but some patients found that their prehab treatments helped them so much with reducing their pain and improving function that they didn’t need surgery.

If a patient’s condition considerably improves after starting pre-op physical therapy, we encourage them to consult with their surgeon regarding future treatment options and the possibility of avoiding surgery.

  1. Better overall outcomes

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) states that prehab can improve the overall outcomes of surgery, and can even help in saving money if everything goes smoothly. Faster recovery means fewer visits and this means cost savings. The more mobile and stronger someone is before surgery, the more likely the surgery will be successful.

Is pre-surgical rehab right for me?

Often with pain due to injury or progressive arthritis, muscles around the painful joint tend to atrophy (get smaller and weaker) due to disuse and inhibition. And range of motion more often than not decreases. We know that the stronger someone is and the more motion someone has at a joint that surgery is planned for, the better the post-surgical outcome. Prehab helps improve loss of motion, and increase strength and muscle activation before surgery and prepares the body for the procedure. It can also help someone prepare mentally by encouraging an overall sense of well-being and having a better understanding of the procedure and planned post-surgical rehabilitation.

Surgery can take a traumatic toll on your body; therefore, it is typically only performed when there are no other options available. According to the National Institutes of Health, participating in exercise therapies prior to surgery can exceptionally improve your post-operative outcomes and reduce your recovery time. Our Portland, OR physical therapists at Rose City Physical Therapy know just how to ease your mind about your upcoming operation, get you started with the right treatment plan to prepare for it, and assist you in improving your physical health and wellness.

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Most patients who undergo orthopedic operations are referred to a physical therapy office after surgery for recovery and rehabilitation, and end up having to become accustomed to an exercise routine. Deciding to begin a prehab program means you’ll be able to get used to that routine before your surgery as well as build nerve pathways between your brain and muscles to help the muscles wake up quicker after surgery; hence, it’s not as much of a shock to your system to get used to afterwards.

Pre-surgical rehabilitation provides a number of positive benefits for surgical patients. When you are as strong, flexible, and healthy as possible, you are able to regain normal function much quicker after surgery. If you’ve got an upcoming surgical operation, don’t delay any longer. Set yourself up for long-term success in recovery. Contact Rose City Physical Therapy today to speak with one of our qualified team members. Our Portland, OR orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapy practice is dedicated to providing you with the best treatment options available!