Knee Pain Relief Portland, OR

Knee Pain Relief

Margaret K.

I'm a cyclist, mountain scrambler, and sometime runner and I had a lot of knee problems in the past. Karl got me back into running and, what's really amazing, led me through exercises and ways of assessing my own strength and posture and motion so that I can keep my knees happy.

Tara Welling

I have been to Rose City PT for a major injury (hamstring tear) and also a minor nerve impingement. Both times I feel that I have received the very best care and have always left the office feeling better than upon arrival.

Lisa J.

My chronic injury has been healed, and I am able to run again. I am super excited! Special thank you to Leo, the physical therapist who healed my knee!

Art A.

I've mostly worked with Karl Kolbeck, who has done a phenomenal job and has helped me pushed beyond my running limits as he helps keep me healthy. However, the entire team is knowledgeable and professional.

Eric R.

I used Rose City Physical Therapy for a left knee surgery three years ago and again this year for right knee surgery and am back to full activity.

Mike H.

I was having major issues with my right knee to the point where walking up stairs hurt. I couldn't even consider jogging and had a marathon in 7 weeks. Karl completely figured out the issue and helped me get back to 100%

Lisa Chulich

From traveling the world competing in rock climbing to beach volleyball, trail running, and surfing, he has not only fixed every injury I have accumulated, but has also taught me how to maintain recovered strength and self-care I can do on the road.

Anna C.

I'm always impressed by Karl's attention to detail. He and his staff desire to treat the athlete as a whole person, not just the part that is broke. He has helped me through many injuries and taken very good care of the athletes I coach. If you are in need, you will be in excellent hands


I came to Peggy with a limp and left walking tall. All the staff are friendly and professional.

Les S.

Sasha and Debra are compassionate, skilled physical therapists. After just the first five sessions I am well on my way to recovery from knee replacement surgery, thanks to them

Joan S.

Thank you all for your skill, your patience, your good humor and especially for your help in getting my knee to work at last!

Reece H.

I’m writing to praise the excellent physical therapy work which Leo did over two periods; the first after hip replacement surgery in and most recently for knee replacement surgery. He was always sensitive to my pace of healing and then doing what was appropriate to move it along. Patients can develop bad habits and he was quick to see them and apply corrective exercise.

Doug Stanton

Each day we’ve skied four to five hours nonstop on really technical terrain in all types of conditions. My knee has felt great everyday all day. No swelling, no pain, nothing, just solid. I’m skiing so well that I can hardly believe it. I’m carrying more speed than ever. We were skiing tight trees the other day and I was just dancing through them. All the conditioning drills you provided have been amazing. My stamina is so good right now. I ski all day, feel great in the evening, wake up with no soreness or tired muscles.

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Does your knee hurt and make it challenging to get up from or down to the floor, climb stairs, do your yard or garden chores, or complete your daily workout? Does your knee feel like it locks, or may give out at times? Knee pain can seriously limit your daily routine and activities, especially if you’re dealing with both at the same time!

Get the care you need and stop living in pain. Call us to request an appointment for physical therapy at Rose City Physical Therapy, centrally located in Portland, OR. Our physical therapists can find the root cause of your problem and treat it based on sound evidence and with an individualized plan of care to meet your goals. Contact us today to learn more.

Why do I have knee pain?

Knee pain can be simple and straightforward in its cause and care, or complex and emanating from the low back or sacroiliac joint, and more challenging in how to treat it.  Imbalances in posture, the lumbopelvic complex, stance or in gait (walking or running) can cause abnormal loads and altered biomechanics  which can cause pain  in hips and knees. These abnormal loads and imbalances over time catch up to us and lead to painful  conditions such as arthritis.

Overuse injuries occur with cumulative repetitive stress and load on tissue and can cause problems such as tendinitis and muscle strains. A single incident acute injury can cause strains of the surrounding muscles or tendons, or ligament sprains, or even dislocation.

Other causes of knee pain include injury to the cartilage; known as the meniscus at the knee. These injuries are almost always the result of an injury during cutting and pivoting activity.

Our skilled and educated Portland, OR physical therapists here at Rose City Physical Therapy know how to treat these painful conditions and will have you feeling back to your old self in no time!

What causes my knee pain to develop?

Pain felt in the knees may originate in the joints themselves; it may also be a result of an underlying condition in another part of the body. Your knees are part of the same kinetic chain – the lower extremity – meaning they make up a combination of weight-bearing joints that are dependent on one another in order to function properly. Tightness or weakness at one joint in the lower extremity can affect adjacent joints or joints further down the chain. Research supports the fact that weak gluteal muscles at the hip have a profound effect on the knee and ankle, and can predispose one to injury. For example, tight hip flexor muscles – the psoas and iliacus – and a weak gluteus medius muscle can cause the hip to rotate inward, and you may not even realize it’s happening! This can lead to painful conditions such as iliotibial band friction syndrome at the outside of the knee, or patellofemoral stress syndrome (knee cap pain).

How can physical therapy help my knee pain?

Our physical therapists at Rose City Physical Therapy are highly trained and will complete a comprehensive  examination of your hip or knee , as well as examine your balance, gait, posture, and functional movement to determine the best plan to get rid of your pain and back in action.

Treatment will primarily be an active approach – mobility, strengthening and functional movement exercise and activity. Early on the aim will be to reduce your pain and gain comfort during sleep, daily activity and work. Exercises for relieving your joint pain, strengthening weak muscles, balance imbalances and stabilizing any weak hip or knee area will be a main focus of care. Exercises will vary depending on your specific condition and individual needs. For example, research has demonstrated that people suffering from patellofemoral syndrome (pain located behind the kneecap) respond better to exercises that focus on strengthening the knees, rather than just focusing on the knees by themselves. 

Core exercises may also be suggested for you to do in order to strengthen and activate your core, diaphragm, lower back muscles, lower abdominal muscle groups, and pelvic floor muscles. Core exercises are meant to improve your posture, support your spine during activity, and reduce the amount of weight you carry on both sides of your body. We lean toward core exercises that are integrated into specific lower extremity functional activity and exercise versus those lying on the floor in static positions to work the core.

Manual therapy techniques may also be used if indicated to help restore soft tissue tightness and limited joint mobility or range of motion. These passive treatments are the exception and not the rule. It’s important that an active approach is the main focus of rehab for long-term success.

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