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ACL Injuries

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a key ligament located inside the knee. Injury to the ACL commonly occurs when the knee undergoes a twisting force, usually when the foot is planted. This force can occur such as when suddenly changing directions, or may also occur by having a heavy object or another person (i.e. athlete) fall against the outside of the knee and force it inward while the foot is planted. An ACL tear is especially common in athletes, including those who participate in sports such as gymnastics, football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, or downhill skiing. All these sports require sudden stops and changes in direction, which predispose the athlete to an ACL injury. They do however occur in the work related environment also.

An ACL injury is painful and debilitating. It’s a big injury that is disruptive to one’s livelihood. Those suffering from this type of injury experience pain, swelling, loss of knee range of motion, instability (“giving out”) when trying to bear weight onto the injured leg, and decreased muscle activation and strength. Fortunately, our Portland, OR physical therapy services and ACL rehabilitation program and return to sport testing can help treat your ACL injury and provide some much-needed relief.

According to GetPT1st, “Research shows that 26% of non-contact ACL injuries could be prevented by specific exercise programs.” At Rose City Physical Therapy we are dedicated not only to helping you recover from your ACL injury or surgery; but we are also able to help you prevent further injuries from occurring in the future through our Sportsmetrics™ program.

After a clinical exam including special tests and ACL ligament laxity testing using the KT1000 are complete, our physical therapists who specialize in ACL rehabilitation will design a specialized treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals, including targeted exercise for strength, power, proprioception, and movement quality. Your progression and return to activity will be based on key metrics supported by research and using the BodiTrak Force Pressure Mat to measure key performance indicators.

After an ACL injury, you and your surgeon will decide whether surgery is indicated.  Prehab can also help determine whether surgery is needed, as well as improve outcomes after surgery. Our ACL injury and ACL post-surgery rehab specialists progress patients through a criterion based approach versus timeline; meaning they will be testing you throughout the recovery process to determine when you are ready for the next stage or phase of rehab. At Rose City Physical Therapy we have a research based return to sport testing program to help ensure you are ready to return to your sport. There are no guarantees, but our testing process will help you and the surgeon determine when to get back in the game after optimal rehab.

If you have sustained an ACL injury, or are looking to minimize risk of an ACL injury, contact Rose City Physical Therapy today at Portland, OR to request your initial appointment. We will get you started on your path toward recovery and long-lasting relief!

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