May24th 2017


Ask ten people what physical therapy is to them you will get ten different answers. Ask ten people what physical therapy did – or didn’t do – for them and you’ll get ten different answers. Why is this?


  • In the physical therapist
  • In the patient – you
  • Of the problem(s) being treated


  • Education
  • Clinical experience
  • Past experience of the patient – you

Practice Model

  • Provider – Patient Relationship
  • Uniquely private practice versus corporate structure
  • Provider demographic

At Rose City Physical Therapy we embrace individuality in our team’s professional background, training and diversity. In turn, this fosters embracing you as an individual and your problem as one unique to you. Is a total knee replacement a total knee replacement a total knee replacement? A low back injury a low back injury a low back injury? A rotator cuff tear (yes rotator cuff…not ‘rotary cup’) a rotator cuff tear a rotator cuff tear? Or a whiplash injury after a motor vehicle accident a whiplash injury a whiplash injury?


When you come to Rose City Physical Therapy you are valued and a relationship with your provider is essential.

Our framework for evaluating and treating these and all problems we treat begins with understanding you, your past and current medical history, the specific history related to your problem seeing us for, your needs and your goals. Yes…YOUR needs and YOUR goals. Only then can your physical therapist effectively establish an individual rehabilitation program that respects your perception of pain, your past and present experiences with injury, surgery and providers, and your expectations of us.

We are fortunate at Rose City Physical Therapy to have a team of physical therapists as well as our independent acupuncturist (Suzanne Chi, Lac) with extensive experience in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Like, tons of experience. Alphabet soup behind our names…board certified orthopedic and sports clinical specialists, certified manual and manipulative therapists, soft tissue certified specialists, functional movement certified providers. All because we love what we do and the commitment put into our advanced training is to the benefit of our patients.

The average years of experience amongst our providers – almost 20 years average – are unsurpassed in the Portland metro area in a physical therapy practice. And experience predicates expertise. Studies show criteria including having 7 or more years of clinical practice, being involved in direct patient acre at least 50% of the time, and having completed formal or informal advanced work in a specialty area are characteristic of a clinical expert (reference). All of our providers meet those criteria. And you get that!

When you come to Rose City Physical Therapy you are valued and a relationship with your provider is essential. Our practice model is that of establishing a long-term connection with you. Not that we want you here forever. In fact, we want to help and get you back in action and on your own. But we also know that over the lifespan one experiences strains and sprains, aches and pains, and rusty joints that need the expertise of a physical therapist. Consider your physical therapist here at Rose City Physical Therapy your musculoskeletal primary care provider for these episodes.

We are an indisputable locally owned and operated physical therapy private practice.

  • The practice owners are in the clinic treating patients on a daily basis
  • We are engaged in the community
  • Our priorities are customer service and care quality – that which we know we deliver
  • You will be treated by your physical therapist each visit
  • We have no ‘corporate’ or hospital based headquarters or office

We don’t subscribe to the corporate ‘big box’ PT practice model of utilizing numerous assistants and/or aides where you see a different ‘provider’ in as many visits you are in the office. Does this affect our bottom line? Of course; however, our model cultivates satisfied customers who come back for more. It cultivates relationships. It allows us to function as we do, as there is no corporate office, outside administrative and non-provider excessive overhead.

A physical therapy website is a wealthy source of information for you and speaks volumes. Some suggestions to look for as you seek physical therapy:

  • Is the practice locally owned and operated; or multi-state/national?
  • Are all providers physical therapists; or are there numerous physical therapy assistants and aides on staff
  • The Provider bios…how many years in the field? (Hint: The regional and national chains tend to have inexperienced staff and high turnover with an ever changing ‘Staff’ page on their website)
  • Is there a corporate headquarters remote from the clinic