Frequently Asked Questions

Below are FAQ’s to assist you in your physical therapy experience. This will allow you to understand what to expect as well as be prepared for your initial and subsequent visits. If your question is not answered here, please email us with your specific question. Our goals are to provide you an exceptional experience, ease of access and a professional relationship for your immediate and long term needs.

Oregon allows patient self referral, or direct access, for physical therapy; therefore, a prescription from an approved provider (see following FAQ for a list of who can refer you to PT) is not required. Oregon House Bill 2684 allows unlimited access to physical therapy treatment as long as care is medically necessary and warranted.

As a courtesy and to foster professional relations and team care, if you attend physical therapy under self referral, upon your request, we will send a copy of the initial physical therapy evaluation and subsequent progress reports to your physician for their records and to keep them informed as to your care.

Most insurance providers cover and reimburse for physical therapy related services without a referral from an approved provider (see following FAQ for a list of who can refer you to PT). Please contact your individual insurance carrier to verify that physical therapy services are covered via self referral.

Medicare recipients are required to have a referral to physical therapy in order to have the services covered under Medicare benefits.

For those whose insurance does not cover physical therapy services under self referral, most often if you contact your medical provider and request a referral for physical therapy they are happy to oblige.

Click here to link to a list of insurance companies we are affiliated with.

  • Physician (MD, DO)
  • Physician Assistant
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Podiatrist (DPM) – for lower extremity injuries only
  • Chiropractor – except for Worker’s Compensation and MVA
  • Naturopathic Physician

Your first visit will require you to complete requisite paperwork you experience at other medical providers. This includes completing an initial Intake Information form to provide demographic and insurance information , signing a Financial Policy acknowledgement form, and an Acknowledgment of HIPAA Guidelines. Call us at 503.228.1306 or email to request these forms so you can print and complete them prior to your first visit. It will expedite your check in process.

At your INITIAL EXAM your physical therapist will sit down with you and learn why you are seeking treatment, what it is that is giving you problems, limitations in work, sport or play as a result, and details with regards to relevant medical history and contributing factors. Thereafter, a comprehensive physical therapy exam will be completed and the clinical findings will be shared with you in a way that allows an easy understanding as to the problem and the treatment strategies implemented to help you. Emphasis on education is a vital component in the success of your recovery. Goals will be set with respect to your personal goals as well as objective goals relative to deficits discovered during the exam.

Subsequent FOLLOW-UP VISITS will provide a progression of rehab specifically curtailed to your unique needs. If you are attending physical therapy for post-surgical rehabilitation we will contact your surgeon’s office to capture any relevant surgical reports, imaging reports and post-surgical rehab protocols unique to your surgery. Education will continue throughout the course of your care and self-management ‘homework’ will be provided and is important in the overall success of your recovery. Treatment may also include manual therapy techniques (range of motion stretching, soft tissue/myofascial release, ASTYM, joint mobilizations and/or manipulations, muscle energy, Jones Counter-strain), evidence based exercise, posture and body mechanics, sport or work specific functional activities, and passive modalities as needed.

  • ​​Directions
  • ​ID
  • ​Insurance card
  • ​Referral (if you are not coming under direct access)
  • ​Shorts (for a low back, hip or lower extremity problem)
  • ​Females – a tank top or sports bra (for a neck or shoulder problem)
  • Males – a tank top or sleeveless shirt (for a neck or shoulder problem)
  • ​Running shoes (if a runner)…a worn and current newer pair