Does physical therapy treatment hurt?

Oct12th 2020

Physical therapy ultimately relieves pain and restores loss of function – that which is the main reason people come to see us for. However, as we work with patients to restore mobility, pain levels at times can fluctuate. During progression through rehab, as we work on restoring motion, movement, strength and function one may experience episodes of some increased pain. Not the pain per se that brings someone in to see us; but symptoms – often ache, low grade soreness or stiff feeling – that comes from adding new stimulus or load (i.e. progressive exercise and weights with strengthening) to the body to help in recovery. This is a normal response to physical therapy and one we spend time educating each patient on so they can learn and appreciate this expected response and use it to their advantage to manage symptoms and avoid overdoing it. Good communication with your physical therapist will help minimize any post-therapy or post-exercise discomfort. We’re here to get you on your way to quick pain relief and back to normal activities.