I’m feeling better but I still want to continue my physical therapy. Is that possible?

Oct12th 2020

Physical therapy is part of the medical model and its purpose is to get rid of pain, restore mobility, strength and function and get people back to their pre-injury or pre-surgery status. A necessity for ‘skilled intervention’ is required by the insurance company to warrant physical therapy under the insurance model. We don’t just focus on getting rid of pain as pain is often caused by underlying weakness, movement limitations or movement faults. This is where physical therapy proves valuable and allows us to continue care beyond just feeling better.

Once you have completed your physical therapy sessions, your therapist will have developed a home program for you to continue. We are available and recommend a bi-annual visit to review your status, and amend or update this program to allow you to remain at your highest level of function and minimize any pain or injury recurrence. Think of it the same as you do going to the dentist for your bi-annual cleaning and checkup. Prevention is key! 

Even after you are discharged from physical therapy, your physical therapist is always available for questions. Just give us a call.